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Bug-Eyed Minnie / Wanda's Wish - Cherella Budak
A young boy was walking on a warm spring day. He saw a Robin, a very large Turtle, a Bumble Bee, and a beautiful Butterfly. He sat down beside a tree not too far from his house, when he heard a strange noise coming from the thick green grass beside him.

Turn the book upside down for another story - Wanda's Wish.
Wanda the fish finds herself caught in a whirling motion tossing her upward and out of control as the adventure she has wished for begins.
Over 100 pages, color illustrated, 5" x 8".
Hat's are not Bats! - Hayden Hunter - Beverly Berwick
A superb book that will capture the imagination of youngsters. A great way to teach little ones to read. Beautifully illustrated by Julie Leiman Weaver. 20 pages, 8 x 5, color illus.
Hippoty's Hop - Martha Anderson
A fun and educational story about Hippoty the frog. Hippoty is sad because he feels he lacks a talent most frogs have. He soon befriends a bird who feels he lacks something other birds have. By the end of the story they learn not to be sad because of what they lack but to be proud of what abilities they have. Richly illustrated by Melanie Frisk.  approx. 8.5" x 10.75", 7 pages, color.
I am not Dumb and I am not a Stinky Butt! - Joyce Knock
Name calling... a form of bullying is common in schools and on playgrounds.  Two out of three children experience being teased once a month.  Bullying has risen to a new level in the current age of social media.  Bullying is NOT a rite of passage.  Allowing name calling and bullying to go unchecked damages mental and physical health, and perpetuates a cycle that can lead to ever greater violence.  Together, as teachers, students and parents we must lead the fight to eliminate bullying in all its forms. 5 x 8, 26 pages, illustrated.
Rodeo and Blitzen / Which One Should He Choose? - Alice Marks
Alice Marks has written another Christmas book that will delight children. This contains two different stories in the same book. Beautifully illustrated by Dea Marks, this book will certainly be a  favorite of the little ones. 8 x 8, 34 pages, color illus.

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