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                      Readers' comments on Ponseti and Paul

Dear Paul,
I just finished a very thorough reading of Ponseti and Paul.  As  I mentioned, the first half (the amount that I had read when we met on Tuesday) is truly brilliant.
From there, it just keeps getting better and better (if this were even possible).
I am still in a swirling state of being stunned, exhilarated, profoundly affected in ways that I cannot put into print, and otherwise profoundly grateful and in praise of our wonderful Creator and Savior --- all somehow mixed together in a general grand state of euphoria --- like I've just come down the mountain from a very, very special meeting, knowing that I can and never will be the same again.
I'm also quite let down that there is not more of Ponseti and Paul to read!!!
Thank you so much for your contribution to my life, the world, and the Kingdom!
Please write on!!!

Paul ! I am almost done reading your wonderful history book. Have you contacted a top notch agent to arrange for you to be on talk shows on television. I am personally so excited about this book! It would be a boon for high schools and colleges because it follows the events of World War II so clearly and the continuity is so easy to ascertain....Norm J.

Dear Paul------Iíve just had a few days at our cabin in the mountains of North Carolina where I had the pleasure of reading the book you sent me. What a treat! Iíve long been interested in WWII but Iíve not read the books you have read nor have I had a friend like Ponseti to share his stories. I therefore really enjoyed following the story of the war through the conversations you recalled with your dear friend. I learned a lot of new things and got a much clearer sense than I have had before of the various pieces of a vast puzzle. You have inspired me to do a lot more reading on this fascinating period of history....With all my best, Howard

Wonderfully written, meticulously researched, assiduously authored, punctiliously sequenced....Peter & Katya.

Paul, This is great, I am glad you are getting recognition all over the world. Tonight I am going to translate the document and I am sure will enjoy the contents. By the way, I also finished reading the book and the last page was as exciting as the first one. Your personality shows thru on every page. Congratulations again, what an outstanding job! ...Walter




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